Creating a Game

Creating a Game on ReadyNFT
To integrate your Game with ReadyNFT, go to the Portal to get started.

Step 1: Log in

Before you can create a game, log in to your ReadyNFT account using your credentials. This will grant you access to the game creation functionalities within the platform.
Login Button

Step 2: Navigate to the Games Page

Once logged in, navigate to the ReadyNFT/Games page within the platform. This page serves as the hub for managing and creating games on ReadyNFT.

Step 3: Add a New Game

On the Games page, locate and click on the Add Game button. This action will initiate the process of creating a new game for your NFT project.
Creating a Game

Step 4: Fill in the Required Information

Fill in all the necessary information to create your game. Provide details such as the game name, description, and any additional relevant information. Note that games can specify the required dimensions for each sprite, enabling seamless integration with NFTs.
Required Fields Pt 1
Required Fields Pt 2

Step 5: Create Your Game

After filling in the required information, click the Create button to finalize the game creation process. ReadyNFT will process your request and generate a unique game identifier for your newly created game.
Created a Game
Congratulations! You have successfully created your game on the ReadyNFT platform. This game will serve as the platform for integrating and enhancing your NFTs with engaging gameplay mechanics and experiences.