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Creating API Keys

Accessing Essential Services with API Keys
API keys are quintessential for accessing various services and functionalities within the ReadyNFT ecosystem. They serve as unique identifiers that enable seamless communication and integration between your applications and the ReadyNFT platform. Follow the steps below to create your API keys.

Step 1: Log in

To create API keys, log in to your ReadyNFT account using your credentials. This will grant you access to the necessary functionalities within the platform.
Login Button

Step 2: Navigate to the API Keys Page

After logging in, navigate to the API Keys page within the platform. This page is designed specifically for managing and creating API keys for your applications.

Step 3: Generate API Key

If you have not created any API keys yet, the UI will display an interface for generating a new key. Click on the Generate API Key button to initiate the key generation process.
Generate API Key

Step 4: Fill in the Required Information

Fill in the required fields, such as the name and description of the API key. Additionally, you will find an Enabled field, which determines whether the API key is usable or not. Make sure to understand the implications of enabling or disabling the key before proceeding. Once the required information is provided, click the Create button.
Fill in the required Fields

Step 5: Copy the API Key

Once the API key is successfully generated, it will appear in the API Keys page. Expand the accordion associated with the newly created key to view its details. Copy the API key to your clipboard for use in your applications.
Copy the API Key
Congratulations! You have successfully created your API key on ReadyNFT. This key serves as a secure and unique identifier that enables seamless communication and integration between your applications and the ReadyNFT platform.
Created the API Keys
By following these steps and utilising your API key, you gain access to a wide range of services and functionalities offered by ReadyNFT. Utilise the power of API keys to unlock the full potential of your applications within the ReadyNFT ecosystem.