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Retrieving Your Game ID

Accessing Your Game ID for Seamless Integration
The Game ID is a unique identifier assigned to each game created on the ReadyNFT platform. It serves as a crucial element for seamless integration and identification of your game within the ReadyNFT ecosystem. Follow the steps below to retrieve your Game ID.

Step 1: Log in

To access your Game ID, log in to your ReadyNFT account using your credentials. This will grant you access to the necessary functionalities within the platform.
Login Button

Step 2: Navigate to the Games Page

After logging in, navigate to the ReadyNFT/Games page within the platform. This page serves as a central hub for managing and accessing games on ReadyNFT.

Step 3: Find Your Game

Locate your game from the list of available games on the Games page. You can utilise the search functionality to quickly find your game by entering relevant keywords or filtering options if needed. Once you have identified your game, click on its name to access the game details.
Search for your game on the Games page

Step 4: Copy Your Game ID

Within the game details page, you will find the Copy Game ID button. Click on this button to copy your unique Game ID to your clipboard.
Copying the Game ID
Note: The Copy Game ID button will only be visible if the game was created by the user who is currently logged in. If the button is not visible, ensure that you are logged in with the correct account that created the game.
Retrieved the Game ID
Congratulations! You have successfully retrieved your Game ID from ReadyNFT. This ID is essential for various integration purposes and acts as a reference point for connecting your game with the ReadyNFT platform.